Hello! I'm Caitlin

Prekure & Nutrition Network Certified 

Metabolic Health Nutritionist,

& Pharmacist MPharm

About Me

I'm a Nutrition Network and PREKURE Certified Metabolic Health Nutritionist,  Coach and Master of Pharmacy and am a member of the Australasian Metabolic Health Society.

My nutritional health journey began in early 2022 when my daughter started to develop eczema and constipation after starting solid foods. I put my pharmacist hat on and tried every skin cream I could think of and trialled gluten and dairy elimination diets; but nothing helped.  

Feeling uneasy and disheartened by the 'health advice' I was given from Doctors, I spent months researching, desperately trying to find the root-cause as to why my daughter was suffering. This lead me to discover 'the carnivore diet'.

Within a few weeks of this dietary change, her symptoms had completely disappeared and her bowel motions were regular again. Her gut was healing as it wasn't being bombarded by the anti-nutrients in plant foods.

The health benefits were also evident in the rest of my family too. There were no hangry moments, because everyone's blood sugar levels were stabilised and we were satiated from adequate animal protein and fueled by healthy natural fats. The blood sugar rollercoaster (reactive hypoglycaemia) ceased to exist as we didn't buy any packaged foods and this lead to significant improvement in my son's behaviour, attention span, energy and mood.

This transformative process ignited a deep passion in me, to embark on a career change as a Metabolic Health Nutritionist; so I could help other families achieve metabolic flexibility, educate them on eating the right foods to heal their intestinal permeability and reduce their reliance on centralised health care. 

I have worked as a Pharmacist for over a decade, and this life-changing experience made me question everything I had been taught at University. I had to memorise the mechanism of action, side effects, interactions and contraindications of thousands of pharmaceutical medications; however, I was never taught to think critically about the root-cause of diseases and prevention strategies which could be implemented to prevent future reliance on medications; which are often a bandaid solution.

With my knowledge of conventional medicine as a Pharmacist and evidence-based Metabolic principles which I've learnt as a Metabolic Health Nutritionist and my intuition as a mother of 3 children, I'm in a unique position to offer a service which optimises healthcare.

Your body is your most important physical asset. Let's nurture it and optimise your metabolic health!


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