Nutrition Consult 

  • Pre-consult comprehensive questionnaire

  • 60 minute consultation + 30 minute follow-up consultation at 6 weeks - at $250

    What is included:

  • Comprehensive holistic analysis of your medical history, medications, nutrition and diet assessment and quantum health analysis to look at the root cause of your symptoms. 

  • Personalised nutritional and quantum education and recommendations.

  • Resources, Information booklet and Recipes

  • Graduate you from my service with optimal metabolic flexibility, healed intestinal permeability and the tools to implement longterm lifestyle change


Health Coaching

  • 45 minute follow-up coaching sessions at $90/consult

    What is included:

  • Follow-up health coaching to offer support and accountability

  • May liaise with your GP in regards to  close monitoring of metabolic markers and suggest deprescribing schedule if appropriate.


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